Annual Fund

Annual Fund

Dear Friends,

Our school has now been in existence for more than 20 years! Our reach into the community continues to grow as we develop more programming to serve more people within the town of Bethlehem and beyond. We are grateful that so many families have trusted us to nurture and provide an education for their precious children. Each and every family who comes through our door becomes a part of our school family and our lives are better for it.

Our mission is to provide an experiential education for the whole child, emphasizing nature, wisdom and wellness. We do this academically with our integrative curriculum, but what sets our school apart is the student experience. Our programs build trust between teachers and students, help young people find their connection to nature, support cognitive, social, and emotional development, and foster a life-long love of learning.

Here at Bethlehem Children’s School our students’ learning belongs to them. We are simply facilitators of their growth, guiding them in the small steps they take to becoming confident, generous, compassionate thinkers in this world. Our focus will continue to be building each students’ relationship with the environment, our community, and our world – and finding their own individual place in it.

Our school depends on the generosity of our families, their extended families, alumni families, and the community. It is that generosity that has allowed our community the choice of this incredible, progressive education for the last 20 years and will continue to help us meet our mission into the future.

Please consider making a contribution to the Annual Fund and help us continue to serve our community for another 20 years.


Christine Capeless Vaughan
Head of School

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