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intlpeace15Parents are invited to schedule a visit to the school; generally, we ask that your child accompany you on this visit, though sometimes parents visit first, and bring their child(ren) on a subsequent visit. You will have time to learn about the school as well as ask questions; you will have time in the classroom to observe as well. You will also be invited to tour the school. We want to give you ample opportunity to determine if the environment and experiences offered at The Bethlehem Children’s School will be positive for your child(ren).

Your child(ren) will generally spend about an hour in the classroom; this allows our faculty the opportunity to initially assess your child(ren).

Visits by prospective families are usually planned during the morning hours, though we are happy to work around the demands of your family’s schedule.

Please contact us today at 518–478–0224 or to schedule an appointment.

Students with IEPs

Because of our size, The Bethlehem Children’s School is in a unique position to offer effective services to students with special education needs. Please note, however, that we are seldom able to accommodate students with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) mandating anything other than low-impact needs.

We currently have children from many different school districts within the Capital Region. If your child is currently receiving special services, we can work with you to provide for carry-over of services, though in some cases students simply don’t require the same level of services in a smaller setting such as ours. We would be happy to work with your home district and the Bethlehem Central School District for transition of services. Please indicate as soon as possible during the admission process if your child has particular educational needs, and we will be happy to discuss with you whether The Bethlehem Children’s School is a potential fit.

If you believe your child should be on an IEP but has not had one before, we would be happy to discuss this with you when you visit, and we can work with you to make sure your son or daughter receives the support necessary.

2017-2018 School Year

Days Attending per Week Tuition Charged
5 full days $ 10,000.00
4 full days $ 8,800.00
3 full days $ 6,600.00
2 full days $ 4,400.00
5 half days $ 7,700.00
4 half days $ 6,400.00
3 half days $ 5,300.00
2 half days $ 4,000.00

Listed above are the tuition and fee rates including all academics and activities offered to all students or to an entire classroom program. School lunches, aftercare and some field trips are not included in this charge.

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